Saturday, May 17, 2008

And I Quote "Best Armoire Ever"

I highly recommend, for those of you who never venture to Decatur, or maybe have missed the spot, Victory Vintage. Most of the pieces are of Mid Century decent, i.e. Jens Risom, Eames and the like, but here I found a new addition to my sad little bedroom that is likely of English decent. I subscribe to the store's monthly or so email newsletter and was thus introduced to my future lover. Now, I've posted a couple of pictures of the piece, the same two they hosted on their site, and agree with me please, the piece seems rather large, more or less typical armoire size. Well, this first impression didn't hold as I went to visit the piece and it's actually shorter than I am (for reference I like to say I'm 5'3"). It's hardly two feet wide too. But with my compact bedroom, and three flights of stairs, I cannot contain my excitement. Please check it out : Victory Vintage

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d. said...

Love it! Thanks for the rec!