Sunday, July 20, 2008

Like Mother Like Daughter

I have for years witnessed my mother's own color driven madness, not allowing us to use certain glasses with particular dishes, and oh, cobalt with that purple? She has always been painstakingly color conscious, not to the point of being high maintenance, but always showing a sincere appreciation for melding the right hues and forming a perfect palette. Now it would seem I am following her lead, be it from those past influences or perhaps my own interest in the art of serigraphie, in which color is truly the "medium" from which you create. Either way, the reaches of this obsession have carried over into my search for dinnerware. A $10 collection of small quality thin type glassware in amethyst, aquamarine, vaseline, smoke and amber was enough to start me off. And here now I have just added this set to my collection.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

If I Had Me a House...

...then this Ebay pick would make a grand statement in my hypothetical guest bedroom. The paired down boxy shape of this bedroom furniture looks so grand in black lacquer. And the twin beds are, dare I say it, precious as a pair. To me it combines headboards that are traditional in nature, with McCobb style dressers, and then throws in a little Scandinavian homage with the chair. If only me and my hypothetical house had the money and time to drive out to the Bay area and snatch these up.

Greek Key on a Shoe String

As is customary, I spent last Saturday at Scott Antique's Mall searching for a Jere. Well, I did happen to find a couple, two that had been destroyed by spray paint of the black and purple variety, respectively. Sad as I was, I did manage to find a matching pair to my nameless (I think it's Milling Road by Baker furniture company) chair. Or so I thought. I got home, put the chairs side by side, and realized that my chair was not as unique as previously thought, in fact I was looking at a rip off of what seems to me a rather strange design to rip off. I'll post pictures later. But the real find, which didn't make it home with me, were a pair of Greek key benches, gilted gold bronze and covered in hyde. The $1100 asking price seemed fair, I know 1stdibs features the same beauties for somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,400 for ONE. So I did a little bit of research, and found a brilliant knock off--only $223! Add in one leafing kit, a little elbow grease and you're golden. Check it out here, it's the last one, or take a look at Atom Designs

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bookish Delight

Aside from all the pillows I've made, the awesome furniture I've found, and even that continuing search for my own Jere to own, the thing I am truly struggling with is the perfect tableaux. Certainly a pair of attractive bookends would do my living room server some good. Though the search will have to continue because with the professional Ebay bidders and sniper programs, four seconds remaining did not allow me to be the fair recipient of the third pair (signed Jere, of course).