Saturday, July 19, 2008

Greek Key on a Shoe String

As is customary, I spent last Saturday at Scott Antique's Mall searching for a Jere. Well, I did happen to find a couple, two that had been destroyed by spray paint of the black and purple variety, respectively. Sad as I was, I did manage to find a matching pair to my nameless (I think it's Milling Road by Baker furniture company) chair. Or so I thought. I got home, put the chairs side by side, and realized that my chair was not as unique as previously thought, in fact I was looking at a rip off of what seems to me a rather strange design to rip off. I'll post pictures later. But the real find, which didn't make it home with me, were a pair of Greek key benches, gilted gold bronze and covered in hyde. The $1100 asking price seemed fair, I know 1stdibs features the same beauties for somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,400 for ONE. So I did a little bit of research, and found a brilliant knock off--only $223! Add in one leafing kit, a little elbow grease and you're golden. Check it out here, it's the last one, or take a look at Atom Designs

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